Together with some of the most influential petroleum companies like Total, BP, Exxon, Chevron, Shell and software for Geosciences providers like Schlumberger, Paradigm, Halliburton, Roxar, IFPEN, Geosiris has joined the Energistics consortium ( in order to participate to the design and adoption of the RESQML data model, which aims at becoming a standard for exchanging geo-modeling data.

RESQML uses the ISO 19115 standard for metadata definition adopted by INSPIRE (the European directive for standardization) and the specifications of OGC for geo-location.

Geosiris brought a significant contribution to the defintion of of the standard RESQM v2 and develops research efforts for putting in agreement the knowledge models developed in view the needs of geological map editors (GeoSciML) and reservoir explorers (Energistics standards RESQML &, WITSML, Strataledge model for well-core description (



During the last three years, Geosiris has provided services to Total and other Geoscience software vendors for IT consulting and development in relation with the RESQML model. Geosiris uses the generic Energistics Standards API developed by the F2I Cy ( to transfer geo-modeling information from proprietary software to RESQML V2 model instances. Geosiris also aims at producing – for the benefit of the Energistics consortium – a dedicated Explorer/Editor/Validator toolkit for managing RESQML V2 instances.

View of the Explorer/Editor/Validator
View of the Explorer/Editor/Validator


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