Geosiris studies the development of a modeler (GeoTopoModeler) dedicated to the building of earth models from seismic and drilling surveys data. in tectonically complex zones. Together with academic research teams (Universities of Poitiers, Strasbourg, Nancy and Ecole Centrale Paris), Geosiris plans to develop and to valorize innovative concepts for automatically building geo-models resting on geological knowledge and using a multi-scale topology. This approach is based on the use of formal methods and of a rule language operated by the end users.



The GTM project uses a set of geological rules previously defined by its promoters (Perrin & Rainaud, 2013). These rules have already been experimented on several use cases. The project will also take advantage of a former elementary version of the GTM (GeoTopoModeler v1) previously developed in partnership with the University of Poitiers (XLIM laboratory).

IFP EN and Total have provided a set of use cases that will allow a full testing of the GTM performances.

View of the GTM prototype
View of the GTM prototype


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